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Extraordinary Functions of Right Brain Memory
Predominance of Left Brain Education
It is often said that we use only 3% of our brain's potential capability. The remaining 97% is hidden in the right brain. Dr Joseph E. Bogen of the California Institute of Technology points out that people fail to use their right brain, ignoring its potential. He claims that, so far, education has been concerned with the left hemisphere of the brain, which is analogous to a child not being allowed to attend school since his brain which has the possibility of achieving the higher level, is left untouched.

Why has the left brain, and not the right, been central in education up to now? This is because people have taken for granted that the left brain, whose functions are linguistic, is the "single pivot" of the brain, and thus have made no attempt to recognise the faculties of the right brain at all. It is important to understand that, as the left and right brains have distinctive operational mechanisms, each brain has different types of memory circuits.

The present educational system is left brain-oriented, which helps "to foster intelligence" but not "to bring out intelligence itself." Hence, those children who have poor left-brain memory face a dilemma: they are unable to memorize and thus are unable to improve their intelligence. But, the fact is that these children have poor memory only in terms of left brain memory, which is most utilized in customary education. Once their right brain memory is activated, however, these children will display the memory power of a genius, which now lies dormant, and will become superior in terms of intelligence.

There has been a scarcity of literature that explains right brain memory. The right brain has a special memory faculty called “Image Memory? which enables it to memorize things after only one glimpse, like photographing. This faculty is different from the left brain memory, which interprets linguistically. Once the right brain memory faculty is developed, even children with brain disorders or with learning disabilities, whose memories are said to barely function, will be able to develop excellent memory.

There was a child of three years and four months of whom his doctor declared: "This boy has little memory ability, and will have to stay in hospital for life." Instead, the child took right brain memory training, and, after only two months, his memory improved to an amazing degree. He was able to memorize the contents of books after his mother read them to him only once. He also memorized Chinese characters after he saw them once, and mastered the eighty characters, which are required to be learnt in the first grade of elementary school, in only one month. But, this is not a rare example. Children who have taken the right brain training have displayed similar results in many places throughout Japan.

What the experts say:
In 1951, the American scientist, Barbara McClintock discovered freely moving genes, but the scientists of that period who believed in immutable genes did not acknowledge this.

However, thirty years later, a group of scientists at Osaka University, Japan, announced that genes have rearrangement ability. McClintock's research was confirmed and she was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1983. It has been proven scientifically that genes are not immutable. There is fluidity. It has been scientifically proven that the capacity of children is not necessarily decided by inheritance from the parents.

Dr Scammon (USA) found that immediately after birth, it is the brain that develops rapidly. By the age of three, it reaches three to four times what it was at birth. Nearly 90 per cent of the brain's growth is accomplished by the age of six. The part of the body that develops the most during the baby's nursing period is the brain. So, the education of the brain must be our first priority during this period.

Darold Treffert, Norman Geschwind and Albert Galaburda of Harvard University researched the brain anatomically and found that those people who were called geniuses use the left and right brains in a well- balanced way, while ordinary people use the left brain almost exclusively.

Dr. Yoshiya Shinagawa, who is a cerebral physiologist famous for his work on the right brain, explains that the learning ratio between the left brain and the right brain is one to a million. Unfortunately, there is a mechanism that prevents us from regularly using the right brain that possesses a superior learning capability. During the time of the right brain dominance that will last up to six years from birth, the right brain can be used easily. After this period, the right brain becomes difficult to use.

The Whole Brain, Whole Heart Phenomenon Famous for popularizing the method called "Right brain education" in Japan, Prof. Makoto Shichida is beginning to turn the educational world upside down. But it's more than simply right brain based education. Prof. Shichida's methods encompass the whole brain.

The Shichida Method™ : Whole Brain Education
The left and right hemispheres of the brain have different capabilities. The left brain processes and remembers information using language, while the right brain does the same using images. The right brain possesses the ability to retain in memory, the complete image of things seen at a glance. Also, it is the receptacle for inspiration and the site of expression for image abundant creativity. The right brain controls the abilities to visualize images and the realization of those images physically. Nearly all successful people, regardless of their field of expertise, demonstrate the right brain ability of distinct image visualization.

However, as the left brain develops, it becomes harder to bring forth the abilities of the right brain. If the child's brain is stuffed with knowledge, it becomes very difficult to exercise and develop the right brain. The Shichida Method™ believes in not over-emphasizing on knowledge education, and that the cultivation of the child's ability to learn on his own is of utmost importance.

Right brain capabilities that all children possess are:

  • The 5 senses of the right brain. Corresponding to the 5 senses of the left brain (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell) the right brain also has its 5 senses. However they are not the senses of sight and hearing in the normal manner, but the ability to see, hear, sense things through waves translated into images. These 5 senses of the right brain are its basic abilities. When these abilities are released, man becomes capable of seeing images as motion pictures.
  • The ability to see images in the form of motion pictures.
  • Photographic memory.
  • The ability to do complex mental calculations.
  • The conversion of images to words, numbers, symbols and the reverse.
  • The ability to master foreign languages easily.
  • The ability to receive inspiration and use it towards unique creativity.
  • The ability of photographic speed-reading.
  • The ability to receive information on an intuitive level, and to use that information accordingly.

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