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Heguru provides a unique and highly innovative method of education based on an exceptional quality of Right Brain and Whole Brain stimulation programs.

The Heguru Method is well known and recognised in Japan as a leading school in Right Brain Education. It is the result of 27 years of research and development by the founders, Mr Hirotada Henmi and Mrs Ruiko Henmi from Toyko, Japan.

Through their extensive 27 years of research and development in brain training, HEGL Japan has raised right brain education to a whole new level. The Heguru Method has helped all of their students in Japan achieve "Full Right Brain Development". HEGL Japan has proven that this is possible when each child follows the proper guidance of the Heguru programs.

Children who have undergone the Heguru education consistently throughout their growing years were able to utilize the full potential of their right brain surpassing the average level of 3% brain utilization normally found in the average person.

Hado Reading

Ms Ruiko Henmi : in 1997 I invented the epoch-making technique, the first in the world, of how to read a book and understand its contents, just by turning over its pages.

I called this method of reading "Hado Reading" because it well surpasses even speed reading. "Hado Reading" offers the seemingly preposterous ability of being able to understand the contents of a book within a single second. Anyone can achieve this ability if they commence their training with the Heguru programme at an early age. Once you have mastered how to do "Hado Reading", you will be asked to read 10,000 books in a month. If you can achieve that goal, then you will be entitled to join the "Ichimankai".

At Heguru we feel that it is our mission to awaken the sleeping talents of children not just in Japan but all over the world and draw them forth with a smile so that they may blossom to their fullest. From the bottom of our heart, we ask you to use the Heguru programme to attain your dreams and lead a happy life."

Watch the Japanese children do Hado Reading

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