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Midbrain Activation

The midbrain or mesencephalon is a portion of the central nervous system associated with vision, hearing, motor control, sleep/wake, arousal(alertness), and temperature regulation.

What is DMIA?

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA) is a system that combines the scientific study of fingerprints with the study of Multiple Intelligence.


Learning Abacus provides stimulationas that are socially responsive and intellectually congruent for the growth of brain cells. The abacus education meets the needs of todays professional society.

Vedic Maths

Seemas Academy - Vedic Math courses are scientifically developed and highly structured program, which cultivates our children's talent more and more. The courses are thought along with quality course material & training.

About us

'SEEMAS' is the short and popular name of Soroban Excellence Education For Maths And Science. It was established in July 2003 with its Corporate Office located at Solapur (Maharashtra) India. This is an Indian based registered company, U80903PN2010PTC135851 incorporated under the Companies Act. And an ISO 9001-2008 under registration Company, authorized to conduct Abacus Courses basing on Japanese concept of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic system of education, Amazing Speed Mathematics (Advance Vedic Maths), English Phonics and Communication and National Level Olympiad Exams.