Abacus And Mental Arithmetic

Who can Learn Abacus
Learning Abacus provides stimulations that are socially responsive and intellectually congruent for the growth of brain cells. It is encouraged that kids start with the Abacus math program as early as possible once they can count from 0 to 100. No matter what age pupil start abacus mental math, they will have lifelong benefits. Today, we live in an era of computers. However, it is for this reason that the abacus education becomes more necessary. The abacus education meets the needs of today's professional society. In this professional society, a life ignorant of recording and calculating does not exist.

By using the abacus method regularly, the four basic operations (+,- ,x, /) can easily be done with the mind. With constant practice of the abacus, especially that of also mental arithmetic, the interaction between the left and the right parts of the brain in an instant, cause stimulation that greatly benefits the brain.

Seemas Japanese Abacus
The Abacus a simple learning instrument with rows of beads in a frame used to count and calculate. This simple educational calculation instrument will contain 23 rods with 5 beds in each row. Countries like U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore are following the Japanese Abacus System and it is worth mentioning here that Elementary Schools in Singapore adopt this Abacus Education in regular classes from 1998. In U.S.A. and Japan the blind students are taught Mathematics by these Abacus methods. We SEEMAS adopt the Japanese Abacus methods with its improved syllabus in training Instructors and teaching students strictly without any deviation.

Japanese Abacus is considered the most effective way to initiate math for young children and sharpen math skills for everyone in the 21st century.

Seemas - Aim of Abacus Education
The ultimate aim of Abacus Education is the Mental Calculation (Anzan). This means the image of Abacus is brought to brain and calculates mentally without seeing the Abacus. It can be seen the neurological cross training when both left and right sides of the brain are used. Watching someone perform Anzan is akin to observing some kind of Virtual Reality display as the mind focuses intently, the brow furrows and the right hand makes seemingly cryptic motions in the air as the figures slot and adjust die imaginary beads. Obviously very high levels of concentration are developed and these skills can be transferred to other instances in everyday life.

Abacus purists consider the extended training required for Anzan as fundamental since it provides the bedrock for the great intangible of character, as Anzan is specific to Japan and the virtues it tempers are concentration, patience and endurance. The training is seen as a mental journey, and although the quest is a reward, the destination, that is the Correct answer, remains of paramount importance.

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