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Empowering students to outshine
'Seemas' Academy Vedic Math courses are scientifically developed and highly structured program, which cultivates our children's talent more and more. These courses are designed exclusive in synchronization with primary & secondary school syllabus. The courses are thought along with quality course material & training. These courses are unique which makes learning pleasurable, interesting & unforgettable. Our research team has made the ancient Vedic Maths modern by incorporating the modern technology.

Amazing Speed Maths / Vedic Maths is more systematic, simplified and unified method than conventional system. It is a mental tool for calculation that encourages the development, while giving the student a lot of flexibility, fun and satisfaction.

Can Maths be Amazing

  • Why I have not been taught this before
  • It is all fun, it is so easy.
  • Several ways to solve a problem and you can choose the easiest way.
  • I call out the answer even before the teacher can write the sum on the board.

Maths - is Our Most Favourite Subject
These are some of the spontaneous reactions of the students in schools and colleges in some of the western countries where Amazing Speed Mathematics has been initiated.
Well, what is so amazing that Amazing Mathematics receives such an acclamation abroad?

What is Amazing Speed Math
Amazing Speed Maths is the combination of ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics and the techniques from Greek and Russian Methodology to solve the complicated mathematical problems by very simple way.

Why Amazing Speed Math
Many of us can excel in other areas of life, yet still feel inadequate or embarrassed when it comes to Maths. But does it have to be the same for our children? There's no doubt that a firm grasp of Maths is an increasingly important requirement for your child's success in today's world. It widens career choices and builds self-esteem. But, with ever-growing class sizes and more disruptions in the classroom, Maths teachers often don't have the time they would like to give to individuals who struggle to keep up. So what happens? Students drop further and further behind if they miss a few classes or can't maintain the general pace. Students can lose confidence; lose heart and interest, as they continue through their school years. Indeed generations of students have struggled in vain to conquer Maths.
Amazing Speed Maths allows the student to learn from an excellent teacher with the powerful help of sight and sound a super effective combination where improvement is guaranteed. "The main aim of the Amazing Speed Maths is to provide simplified powerful techniques to solve the problems related to Mathematical sums in a jiffy for all the classes in the school curriculum from Grade VI to Junior College and above. (Using the scientifically developed techniques syllabuses) ESLC, SSLC, HSLC, CBSE and ICSE and up to the College level Mathematic sums can also be solve in seconds and minutes".

Amazing Speed Maths a Fun
Maths made easy... Amazing Speed Maths a Fun helps in speed and accuracy in solving numerical, thereby preparing School children to overcome the "fear of Maths" and the teenagers to succeed in Competitive Exams and Entrance Exams.
Amazing Speed Maths is a fast way of calculation whereby you can do complex calculations like 99999.94 x 99999.96 in less than 5 seconds. Further the following high level calculation in Sequence & Series and Numerical Integration can be solved within two minutes of time.

Amazing Speed Maths / Vedic Maths… Benefits
The system is based on Sixteen Vedic sutras or aphorisms, which are actually word-formulae describing natural ways of solving a whole range of mathematical problems. These Sixteen one – line formulae originally written in Sanskrit, which can be easily memorized, enables one to solve long mathematical problems quickly.

  • Makes the students more comfortable to solve the sums event if they know tables up to 9 only.
  • Reduces finger counting & improves mental calculation.
  • Enhance logical thinking process.
  • Makes the student more confidantes, with knowledge and high self esteem.
  • Extends better and much improved academic performance in school and instant result.
  • Sharpens the mind increases mental ability and intelligence.
  • Provides completes system comprising all the benefits of mental Maths.
  • Cultivates an interest on Maths and eliminates the Maths-phobia.
  • Helps easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to remember.
  • Increasing speed and accuracy.
  • Saves time during examination.
  • Assures a zero error technique.
  • Amazing Speed Maths will be beneficial throughout lifetime.
  • Amazing Speed Maths is a zero error technique.

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